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Quantum OPS Founding Surgeon, Dr. Sudhir B Rao

Sudhir B Rao, MD is the President of Big Rapids Orthopaedics PC, where he has been improving his patients quality of life for the last 20 years. Dr. Rao specializes in hand and upper extremity surgery, and has a passion for designing, constructing, and improving whatever task is at hand.

Many shoulder surgeries are done in a sitting or beach chair position. The existing positioning devices on the market were crude and poorly designed, and therefore were hazardous to the patient and complicated the surgical procedure. Because they were difficult to install, nurses in the operating room despised the existing chairs.

Knowing what didn’t work, Dr. Rao set out to come up with a unique design that addressed all of the shortcomings of the previous versions. He collaborated with Keith Harper, engineer, over a several year time span. This project was entirely self-funded with multiple prototypes, resulting in each one being incrementally better than the previous one. Eventually, a patent was obtained.

After several pilot studies were done at a local hospital, the completed design hit the market in 2012. A large number of physicians are now enjoying the benefits of the device’s exceptional capabilities, due to the surgeon-inspired design and outstanding engineering.

The Quantum Shoulder positioning system is used to safely support anesthetized (paralyzed) patients of all shapes and sizes in the upright sitting position for several hours during highly physical surgical procedures without causing injury or pain.

In an effort to achieve this goal, we were determined to enlist the best possible designers. We ultimately realized: who has more expertise than someone who spends their entire waking life in a chair that is meant to support their entire body, comfortably, functionally, and without causing injury or pain? Then we found Joe Olsen, who enthusiastically agreed to take up the the task, and the rest is history.

Meet Joe, and hear him tell the Quantum story:

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Joe Olsen, BSE, MRST Quantum Design Engineer

I received my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University and Masters in Rehabilitation Science and Technology from the University of Pittsburgh. I have contributed to numerous scholarly papers and multiple patents. I currently work as a Mechanical Engineer in Maryland.

In the fall of 2010 Joe Olson, a cynical grad student was introduced to the visionary young entrepreneur Keith Harper by Vinod Sharma, a mutual friend and biomedical engineer. Few knew it but this meeting was to be a defining moment in the evolution of the modern shoulder positioner. The positioning needs of a sedated patient is are similar to a wheelchair user with non innervated or weak muscles. I am a wheelchair user who had spent the last five years developing assistive devices at Human Engineering Research Labs, a well established research lab which focuses on wheelchairs. I knew all the latest research, designs and trends in wheelchair seating. Though this was my first freelance design gig, I felt qualified.

With the confidence of the inexperienced, I plunged into conceptual design. I quickly developed the first generation model. The reception was quite different than I hoped. Under the consult of Vinod, Keith delivered this message: “It looks ugly and boxy, it should look like an iPhone”.

My analytic engineering training quickly kicked in. I deftly broke down the statement and determined it didn’t make any literal sense and was possibly self contradicting (the original iPhone though highly hyped was as curvy as a brick). So I smiled and nodded and pretended to understand. After an afternoon of SolidWorks magic which stretched into a pizza and beer design ultramarathon, Keith and I developed the conceptual look and function of the current positioner. Vinod said “that looks great guys.” I had to agree. It was everything thing the first model wasn’t. It was sleek and curvey like a Corvette Stingray cello. However, it definitely did not look like an iPhone. I was happy, relieved but still confused. Last week I was thinking hard about the iPhone and what it symbolized and finally got it! It was the melding of function and usability in a distinctive package. Prior to my involvement the Quantum OPS team had been developing and tweaking the usability of the positioner. As with all good products this tweaking has continued since my involvement. I feel proud to have helped develop the distinctive form of the positioner. Does it look like an iPhone? I’m still not sure but I certainly hope so.


Thanks Joe. We love you man.

About Quantum OPS

Quantum OPS is an orthopedic technology company for today’s sophisticated operating suite professionals.

Our products combine 21st century technology with old fashioned ingenuity in an effort to make life easier for surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists everywhere.

It is our art, belief and firm conviction that the greatest designers of medical devices are the users themselves. To this end we involve the user in every step of the design process from conception to completion to deliverable goods.

Quantum OPS prides itself on it’s exceptional agility and responsiveness to market need.

We believe that quality products should never be compromised for low prices when lives are at stake. Improving patient safety is at the core of our mission.

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